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The Conjurer


What an absolutely super story! It was like a brand new version of this amazing tale by Smith 2.0! It’s amazing to follow works of author and watch them become even better with each book they pen. The gorgeous voices of Vaneh Assadourian and Susannah Jones where the perfect icing on this delicacy of a work. I’ve always been a huge fan of jinnis. The are so alluring and ooze magic in a way I cannot but be wrapped up in. And focusing on Sidra’s story took this plot to a whole new level of flame. I was thrilled with the amount of culture and backstories that were included. With this, as with every book in this series, I feel truly worldly and enriched at the end of the experience. Great amount of research and brilliantly done. My only complaint was that my favorite Elena paled in comparison to the grand story and sizzling power of the jinnis. But this is to be expected given that this book did showcase Cidra more. She was incandescent here and I truly hope to see them featured in more books or spin-offs in the future.

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