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Probably the most complex of Marie Lu’s plots yet. I read it twice to make sure I knew how I felt about it. An extremely unique read for me indeed. And with such a fabulous narrator as Natalie Naudus, one cannot go very wrong. It was amazing to walk amongst the thoughts of a protagonist who can’t speak. I found it stunning to have words explained in signs in writing. What a feat! It would’ve been an enriching experience just for this. The only part that kept it from a full 5 stars was the ending. I wanted more. What a world! Ghosts being the villains army is such a great idea. I truly want to read more about this. It’s such a flawless intertwining of technology and mythology. I absolutely loved both of the main characters. What a superb combo to have with Talin’s grief and the wreck that is Red! This is one place I think Lu could‘ve developed a little more. Although it’s YA, an even deeper connection would’ve had me hanging by a ledge.

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