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Black Canary: Breaking Silence


First off, what a sensational cover! I picked it up just for that, and when I knew it was a DC Icons book, I was sold. This was a great coming of age superhero story for the younger generation of fans. Whilst my perfect cup of tea is more Warbringer and Soul Stealer, I enjoyed this nonetheless. Some really insightful inclusions of themes that we should all consider and care about. Being so attached to music myself, I cannot imagine a world where dancing is prohibited. This was very well and realistically portrayed throughout the book. I only wish the villains were developed a little more to instill their threat and fear in us. Dina is delightful! A truly inspiring modern day teen hero we could all aspire to be. Once more, I wish the other characters were elaborated upon more so we could truly differentiate between them but that’s always an issue with a book this size.

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